Canadian Blood Services is asking people across Canada to save lives this holiday season: Give 3 in 2023, starting today

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There is no greater gift than one that is lifesaving. People across Canada are asked to give to patients in need throughout this winter season.

Tiny cord blood donors deliver huge hope to families

Cameryn Slack’s mother Pam registered to donate Cameryn’s umbilical cord blood in the hope it could save a life

Lifesaving blood donations help a young boy bring smiles to others

After donors helped him survive two lifechanging surgeries, Elias Martin and his family are paying it forward

Global Blood Heroes in Canada help break world record

The largest-ever blood drive resulted in 37,000 blood donations worldwide on a single day

What blood types are and what they mean for you

A helpful guide on what blood types are and answers to some common questions.

Happy, healthy and giving back, all thanks to plasma donors

Jayden Liuzza fully recovered from a rare disease, thanks to a medication made from the blood component plasma

Young Sikhs energize annual Sikh Nation blood donation campaign

This valued partner is inspiring the next generation of advocates, volunteers, and donors for Canada’s Lifeline

Cord blood banking resumes Oct. 17

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Canadian Blood Services is excited to share that we will resume cord blood banking on Oct. 17, 2022, following a temporary suspension due to a global shortage of cord blood processing kits.

Blood type compatibility: which blood types are compatible with each other?

When you are compatible with someone else's blood type, it means that your body can accept their blood without any problems.

A roadmap to guide our reconciliation journey with Indigenous peoples and communities

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Sept.29, 2022 (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is entering a significant chapter of our truth and reconciliation journey this week, with the public release of our organization’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

A kidney donor empowers a storyteller to help others thrive

Since her own kidney transplant, Mary Beaucage has worked to improve health systems for other Indigenous patients

Thanks to a stem cell donor, a father-son bond endures and evolves

Tom Wong savours the smallest moments and biggest milestones with his son Forrest after surviving a rare blood cancer

Plasma donors fuel a sign language teacher’s dreams

Plasma donations have enabled Christina Moreau to keep building bridges between the worlds of the hearing and the deaf

Stem cell donor and recipient celebrate their remarkable 20-year bond

In 2002, Dave Charlebois’s stem cells saved the life of Sarah Byrne. She was just one year old at the time.

Canadian stem cell donor saves American infant’s life

Just a few months after birth, Austin Mares received lifesaving stem cells to treat a rare disease

To this survivor of a drive-by shooting, blood donors are heroes

Brandon Peacock was on his way for a haircut when he was hit by three bullets intended for another target

O-positive blood donors helped this newborn survive

Cleo Maxwell received a lifesaving blood transfusion after losing half her blood volume during pregnancy

Response to Public Interest in our Plasma Operations

There has been public speculation about plasma collection in Canada and what Canadian Blood Services is doing. We want to clarify.

Furry special guests bring joy and comfort to blood donors

Nervous about donating blood? Andrew Moss has helped bring puppy love to mobile donor events in Nova Scotia

Saving lives while inspiring the next generation of blood donors

A half century ago, a committed blood donor motivated Henry Proske to start giving. Now it’s his turn to inspire.

Gift of lifesaving cord blood brought this family ‘full circle’

Years after Manny Ford donated her first child’s umbilical cord blood, another donor saved the life of her second

The need for blood hit home very suddenly for this donor

Days before Amanda Kirby-Sheppard’s latest blood donation, her grandfather was rushed to hospital

Coming together across Canada to support Canada’s Lifeline

Families, colleagues, faith-based organizations and others are helping patients in so many inspiring ways.

Saving lives across Canada with Ismaili CIVIC

Blood and plasma donors and volunteers with this Partners for Life group support patients across the country

Banking of cord blood for transplant temporarily suspended

Beginning June 20, 2022, Canadian Blood Services will suspend processing and banking of new cord blood donations for approximately three months.

Celebrating a new plasma donor centre in Brampton

Local resident Ranjit Singh Panesar cut the ribbon on opening day and was among the first to donate

Number of blood donors plummets during COVID-19 to lowest point in a decade

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JUNE 13, 2022 (OTTAWA) – Fewer regular donors during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the smallest donor base in a decade and has stalled efforts by Canadian Blood Services to replenish a critically low national blood inventory.

Canadian Blood Services welcomes Richard C. Smith as Chief Information Officer

Canadian Blood Services is pleased to welcome Richard C. Smith as chief information officer (CIO), following an extensive national search.

Canadian Blood Services seeks to update blood donor eligibility through latest Health Canada submission

Canadian Blood Services’ goal is to ensure the safety and sufficiency of Canada’s blood and plasma supplies while also maximizing participation in Canada’s Lifeline. One way we do this is by regularly reviewing our eligibility criteria against the latest scientific evidence, as well as advancements

Empty beds strain blood inventory

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MAY 17, 2022 (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is feeling the strain to collect blood, platelets, and plasma following an increase in appointment cancellations and low attendance at donor centres across Canada.

First time plasma donor pays it forward in honour of his late wife

Jim Taylor’s wife Joan received hundreds of lifesaving plasma treatments during her battle with leukemia

Canadian Blood Services to remove eligibility criteria specific to men who have sex with men

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April 28, 2022 (OTTAWA) — Canadian Blood Services is pleased to share that Health Canada has approved our request to remove eligibility criteria specific to men who have sex with men and instead focus on sexual behaviour associated with higher risk of infection among all donors.

Volunteer duo shows up to support donors and recipients

This National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the contributions of volunteers like David and Mary-Alice Mirhady

A mighty kind movement brought to you by the Orgamites

This global education program helps educate young children about organs, altruism and organ donation

Stem cell donations helped both these women survive and thrive

Yet Moneet, left, faced more uncertainty in the search for a match, as potential donors of South Asian ancestry are underrepresented

Green Shirt Day 2022 continues the legacy that inspired a nation

Logan Boulet’s legacy inspires Canadians to talk to their families and register as organ and tissue donors

Platelet donation is a lifestyle for this game-loving ‘healer’

Every two weeks, Max Proske, a self-described ‘nerdy and passionate’ donor, hits the chair to help patients

First-in-Canada approach for personalized hemophilia care gets national award

Canadian Blood Services and CHEO recognized for their research partnership that supports children living with hemophilia

Helping patients with rare diseases

Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February each year

‘It’s a privilege to wear the skin that we wear’

This Black History Month, Canadian Blood Services trainer Rhea Young reflects on representation

Partners for Life program connects RBC employees across Canada

Together, RBC teams made over 1000 donations last year, and they’re recruiting new donors all the time

Alberta boy inspires Wolfe Pack Warriors to donate blood

Kane Wolfe received blood during heart surgeries. Now his family rallies blood donors to help others