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Our Research, Education, and Discovery Blog is a showcase for our work as well as the basic science behind what we do. Here we invite readers to explore the worlds of transfusion and transplantation science and learn more about how our research leads to improved everyday practices and ultimately – and most importantly – better outcomes for patients. 

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Research supports safety, feasibility of sexual behaviour-based screening

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
In late April 2022, Canadian Blood Services’ research-informed request to remove eligibility criteria specific to men who have sex with men and instead use sexual behaviour-based screening for all donors was approved by Health Canada. Read on to learn about two published studies from Canadian Blood Services that contributed to the body of evidence supporting this change.
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Science writing behind the scenes

Thursday, June 09, 2022
We teamed up with Science Borealis and the Centre for Blood Research to deliver the 2021-2022 Canadian Blood Services Lay Science Writing Competition. In a recently published blog post, Science Borealis interviewed the winner of that competition, Alexandra Witt, to learn about her creative process and how she crafted a winning piece of writing.
poster session at the symposium in person in Vancouver (photo courtesy of the CBR)
Norman Bethune Symposium 2022 – trainee reports

Thursday, June 02, 2022
The 11th annual Centre for Blood Research Norman Bethune Symposium was held on April 6, 2022. With a focus on recent research advances in bleeding and thrombosis, the symposium engages scientists and clinicians at all levels of training.
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BloodTechNet supports educational laboratory rotation for transplant and transfusion ‘matchmakers’

Friday, May 27, 2022
Each year, Canadian Blood Services’ BloodTechNet award program supports innovative educational projects within the transfusion, cellular therapy, and transplantation communities. One funded project supports histocompatibility and immunogenetics laboratory (HLA lab) directors in-training to expand their learnings through educational lab rotations. Read about the experience of the first participant and the crucial role of HLA lab directors as matchmakers for patients with donated organs, tissues, stem cells and platelets.
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The value of qualitative research

Friday, May 20, 2022
In this week’s post, three Master’s students describe how their research interviewing young adults about blood donation policies helped them understand the real value of qualitative research. Their insights highlight the value of this type of research to inform Canadian Blood Services as the organization looks to evolve donor screening approaches and engage more young people - the blood donors of the future.
Jaya Rastogi portrait headshot
Lay Science Writing Competition runner up: Queer identity and blood donation

Thursday, May 12, 2022
Read graduate student Jaya Rastogi’s entry to this year’s “Science behind the scenes” Lay Science Writing Competition. In an entry that identified high school students as the audience, Jaya describes their research to understand the perspectives of young adults on sex and gender questions asked during blood donor screening. The entry was awarded third place in this year’s competition.

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