National partners

Across the country, the Partners for Life program is supported by local, regional and national partners. These partnerships can take many forms. Some partnerships include branches or franchises of national companies. Local initiatives or communities can also grow into national movements. Over 8,000 partners, of all sizes, annually support Canada's Lifeline. National partnerships are built in consultation with organizations to ensure the best fit for their offices, branches and community movement goals. 

Logo of KIND
This November, in commemoration of Remembrance Day and World Kindness Day (November 13), Canadians are encouraged to Do the KIND Thing™, by donating blood or making a financial donation to Canada's Lifeline in honour of the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Blood Services, The Department of National Defence and KIND Snacks have partnered to change lives and drive donations.
Toyota Canada Inc. Logo

Toyota and Canadian Blood Services are two organizations with vastly different products and services but a similar dedication to quality, efficiency and improving the lives of Canadians - an unlikely partnership has turned out to be a perfect match.

We Remember
During the last year of World War II, Canadians donated 890,000 units of blood for use in military hospitals. This generous response gave birth to Canada’s voluntary blood system.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are some of the most generous blood donors. In 2006, the Department of National Defence became Canadian Blood Services’ first national Partner for Life organization. Since then, they have provided more than 40,000 blood donations to Canada’s national blood supply.
Together, employees of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life, now united under one brand – the new Canada Life, have supported Canadian Blood Services for over 50 years.
Hockey Gives Blood - Partner
Hockey Gives Blood has partnered with Canadian Blood Services in an effort to engage and educate the hockey community about the importance of blood and stem cell donation. The Hockey Gives Blood initiative was founded by a group of former hockey players who are dedicated to encouraging the hockey community to help save lives and ensure that Canadian patients have the blood products they need when they need them. As passionate as they are about hockey, they are just as enthusiastic about this incredible movement!
Sikh Nation
The Sikh Nation (Sikh Quom) around the world reaches out and embraces the vision that all humans should live a safe and happy life. Our blood donation campaign in November represents a look to the past and a view to the future, coming together as humans around the world.