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This childhood blood cancer survivor inspired his mother to become a donor

September 20, 2021
Blood donations were essential to 15-year-old Sean Jollymore’s fight against leukemia six years ago

Stem cells without borders

September 16, 2021
During the pandemic, connecting stem cell donors to recipients required extra-heroic feats of logistics

‘It’s an incredible privilege to help save a life’

September 16, 2021
For Joel Menard, the chance to donate stem cells ‘felt like winning an unexpected award’

Umbilical cord blood donor celebrates the chance to save a life

September 9, 2021
After Kelsey Koch donated her son’s cord blood, it was matched to a patient for a stem cell transplant

Why O-negative blood is liquid gold in life-or-death situations

August 27, 2021
Dr. Jeannie Callum describes what O-negative blood is, and why many patients would die without it

How donated umbilical cord blood saved the life of another newborn

July 21, 2021
Justin Lau had a stem cell transplant with cord blood stem cells when he was just a few weeks old

Delivering hope, one cord blood donation at a time

July 16, 2021
Umbilical cord blood is rich in lifesaving stem cells. Our teams help get it from parents to patients.

Fostering an atmosphere of acceptance

June 28, 2021
This Pride Month, analyst Aiden Beattie reflects on a decade of changes at Canadian Blood Services

Laying the groundwork for a more inclusive blood system

June 21, 2021
Dr. Catherine Jenkins, scientist and LGBTQ+ advocate, is part of our effort to evolve donor screening

National Blood Donor Week begins with thanks from patients

June 13, 2021
Enjoy stories this week that recognize and celebrate donors for strengthening Canada’s Lifeline