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The need for blood hit home very suddenly for this donor

June 29, 2022
Days before Amanda Kirby-Sheppard’s latest blood donation, her grandfather was rushed to hospital

Saving lives across Canada with Ismaili CIVIC

June 17, 2022
Blood and plasma donors and volunteers with this Partners for Life group support patients across the country

Coming together across Canada to support Canada’s Lifeline

June 16, 2022
Families, colleagues, faith-based organizations and others are helping patients in so many inspiring ways.

How blood donors delivered hope in a family’s time of need

June 16, 2022
Sam Walker received more than 20 units of donated blood after a high-risk pregnancy with twins 

Moments after her daughter’s birth, blood donations saved this mother’s life

June 15, 2022
Michelle Tobin-Forgrave had never met a blood recipient until she suddenly became one herself

From trauma to lasting love — and a lifelong commitment to blood donation

June 14, 2022
Ron Rupke has donated blood 201 times, after other donors saved the life of the friend who became his wife

Celebrating a new plasma donor centre in Brampton

June 13, 2022
Local resident Ranjit Singh Panesar cut the ribbon on opening day and was among the first to donate

Everything You Need to Know About Donating Blood: A Guide for First-Timers

June 11, 2022
Donating blood is one of the most important things that you can do.

She beat cancer. And she couldn’t be more thankful to blood donors.

June 10, 2022
Now Kira Hall and her parents are helping us attract the 100,000 new donors we need this year

After donating stem cells to her father, she’s bringing hope to others

May 19, 2022
Lauren Sano’s powerful personal story inspires people of diverse backgrounds to join the stem cell registry