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How lifesaving blood products will keep flowing to patients during COVID-19

Canadian Blood Services’ national system ensures that your important donations can travel to patients in need anywhere in the country

How we’re using data science to prepare for the pandemic

Even in a pandemic, the need for blood and blood products is constant

Why you won’t get COVID-19 from a blood transfusion

There’s no evidence the respiratory virus can be transmitted by blood

Blood in war zones: Canada’s contributions and ongoing support for soldiers who need transfusions

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Beckett, MD is the chief of general surgery and trauma advisor to the Surgeon General of Canada.

Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank has officially launched

It's official: Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank, a national, public health-care resource has been launched. Expectant mothers who give birth at one of our partnering hospitals are helping to build an ethnically diverse stem cell bank in Canada by donating their baby’s cord blood.