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Stories: Canadian Blood Services

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The road to LEED: how green design principles have shaped our new Calgary site

September 16, 2020
If you visit Canadian Blood Services’ new Calgary operations facility, you’ll see information about the building’s photovoltaic output (a method of generating electricity from sunlight) on the screen in the lobby.

Securing Canada’s supply of plasma

September 8, 2020
New donor centres will help meet rising need for medications made from this blood component 

COVID-19 antibody testing shows few healthy Canadians have had the virus

September 8, 2020
Analysis reveals regional differences, importance of ongoing testing

How common is COVID-19?

July 22, 2020
Early results from Canadian Blood Services’ seroprevalence study provide some insights

How Canadian Blood Services supports Canada’s tissue system

May 13, 2020
Helping bring Canada’s 17 eye and tissue banks together.

How is COVID-19 affecting stem cell transplantation in Canada?

March 30, 2020
We need more healthy Canadians between 17 and 35 years of age to join our stem cell registry.

How lifesaving blood products will keep flowing to patients during COVID-19

March 12, 2020
Canadian Blood Services’ national system ensures that your important donations can travel to patients in need anywhere in the country.

How we’re using data science to prepare for the pandemic

March 11, 2020
Even in a pandemic, the need for blood and blood products is constant

Why you won’t get COVID-19 from a blood transfusion

March 9, 2020
There’s no evidence the respiratory virus can be transmitted by blood

Blood in war zones: Canada’s contributions and ongoing support for soldiers who need transfusions

December 8, 2019
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Beckett, MD is the chief of general surgery and trauma advisor to the Surgeon General of Canada.