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This childhood blood cancer survivor inspired his mother to become a donor

September 20, 2021
Blood donations were essential to 15-year-old Sean Jollymore’s fight against leukemia six years ago

Stem cells without borders

September 16, 2021
During the pandemic, connecting stem cell donors to recipients required extra-heroic feats of logistics

‘It’s an incredible privilege to help save a life’

September 16, 2021
For Joel Menard, the chance to donate stem cells ‘felt like winning an unexpected award’

Umbilical cord blood donor celebrates the chance to save a life

September 9, 2021
After Kelsey Koch donated her son’s cord blood, it was matched to a patient for a stem cell transplant

Why blood donations are crucial for patients with sepsis

September 8, 2021
Christine Caron needed blood to survive her body’s extreme response to an infection from a dog bite

How Canada’s Lifeline supports childhood cancer patients

September 3, 2021
Blood, plasma and stem cell donors help children survive devastating illnesses

Stem cell donation brings joy to a donor as well as hope to a patient

September 2, 2021
Rachel Van Pelt was thrilled to help a patient ― and to hear from them later, in her own time of grief

Why O-negative blood is liquid gold in life-or-death situations

August 27, 2021
Dr. Jeannie Callum describes what O-negative blood is, and why many patients would die without it

Celebrating a year of plasma donation in Sudbury

August 25, 2021
Thousands of donors have already visited our new dedicated plasma donor centre. Their support is critical.

Blood donation a family affair for father-daughter duo

August 18, 2021
This summer, Greg Dobbin made his 61st blood donation while his daughter Hilary made her first