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A community helped break a world record for blood donation. But it’s not stopping there.

November 28, 2023
Shia Muslims in Ontario continue to come together by the hundreds to support patients

So you think you can’t donate? Check to be sure, to help us help patients

November 24, 2023
The fine details and latest updates about blood and plasma donor eligibility may surprise you

Thousands across Canada may be newly eligible to donate blood and plasma. Could you be one of them?

November 23, 2023
The change affects people who have spent time in areas where the human variant of ‘mad cow’ disease was deemed a risk 

‘Hope on the Hill’ rallies MPs, staff to support stem cell donation

November 10, 2023
Special event inspired by a stem cell donor helps educate Parliamentarians and recruit potential donors of the future

Transforming the past into action for patients needing blood and plasma today

November 7, 2023
During Sikh Nation’s 25th annual donation event, volunteers across Canada remember their beginnings

Thinking of joining the stem cell registry? Here’s what happens after you swab

October 31, 2023
We analyze that tiny sample of cells from inside your mouth for some specific genetic characteristics

Living kidney donation: Angelica’s perfect match

October 12, 2023
With a family history of kidney disease, Angelica Rotundo knew she’d need a transplant one day. She found a living donor in her husband.

Collaborating with African, Caribbean and Black communities to reduce barriers to blood donation

September 28, 2023
How we’re using social science to better understand why some communities encounter barriers to donating blood and how we can work to address existing challenges.

‘I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding’

September 14, 2023
Jahnis Gillan will never forget her first meeting with the stem cell donor who saved her life

For twins in need of a stem cell transplant, their dad will do anything to help

September 13, 2023
Sanjay Prajapati donated stem cells as a partial match, as an agonizing search for more suitable donors came up empty