Loyal blood donor shows there are many ways to give

This month, Larry Till made his 100th blood donation at his local blood collection centre in Toronto, surrounded by his favourite staff and sporting his lucky socks. Meanwhile, the counter on his DIY fundraising page climbed higher and higher, finally reaching 100% of his goal to save lives through financial giving.

September 25, 2018

Larry first began giving blood around 25 years ago when a mobile clinic conveniently visited his office. Although he wasn't keen on the idea at first, Larry caved to his colleague's peer-pressure and was surprised how much he enjoyed the experience — the refreshments afterwards also helped!

Larry's lucky socks


Larry says his commitment to serving Canadian patients through support of Canadian Blood Services is all about his belief in community. "Tikkun Olam in Hebrew means healing the world. It's a responsibility and an obligation," Larry said. "Looking after others is what drives me."

In September, Larry set up a DIY fundraising page in honour of his impending 100th blood donation, and within just a few hours his family and friends had rallied to raise over $1000. Financial contributions through DIY events like Larry's help improve outcomes for Canadian patients through support of programs and initiatives in four focus areas: blood, stem cells, organs and tissues and research and innovation.

"Be loud and be present," said Larry, who encourages others to set up their own DIY fundraising pages. "I surprised myself by revealing something about myself that many of my closest friends were unaware of – it struck a cord."

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