Frontline stories

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our frontline employees across the country have continued their important work at Canadian Blood Services sites. From those who work directly with donors to collect donations, to those who deliver our lifesaving products to hospitals, their essential work serves patients.

We asked several of our frontline employees to share their experiences and to reflect on life and work during the pandemic. Check out the links below for the full series.



‘I love hearing the donors’ stories’

Kristy Schwenning is part of the “travelling roadshow” that visits communities on Vancouver Island

‘I help donors feel welcome’

Ken Walker helps keep the donors smiling behind their masks

‘This work can reach and serve anyone’

Tara Wilson tests blood donations for safety and suitability in Calgary, Alta.

‘This is much more than a job to me’

Before the pandemic, Bert Rodrigues, a building technician, helped deal with the aftermath of a tornado

‘My team makes sure patients get what they need’

Ryan Elgert is leading a team of warehouse staff and drivers through the pandemic in Calgary, Alta.

‘This is really meaningful work’

Through the pandemic, Connie Chan is providing IT support for donor centres, a production site and colleagues working from home

‘We give the donors lots of laughs and colour commentary’

Raj Damhar’s miniature “Thor’s hammer” is just one of his many conversation starters with donors in Saint John, N.B.

‘I want to help people get better’

Robyn Johnson, a technical specialist in Regina, tracks down blood of rare types for patients

‘I’m proud every day to be here as a frontline worker’

Robenpreet Sooch works one-on-one with donors in Kelowna, B.C. to collect blood for patients in need

‘We’re making a difference from behind the scenes’

Tammy Whitteker is part of the Ottawa team which processes and tests stem cells for lifesaving transplants

‘It’s important to just keep heading toward our goals’

Meet Marylee Dudgeon, a lab assistant working through the pandemic in Newfoundland and Labrador

‘This is what we’re called to do’

Dora Lopes-Carvalho and her team are matchmakers for patients and the blood components they need.

‘I enjoy being counted on’

Meet Damon Gyurics, a driver in London who is helping to meet patient need throughout the pandemic

‘When things go bad you have to help people’

Meet Chris Peters, a registered nurse who is working through the pandemic at our donor centre in Moncton