Support of HLA laboratory directors in-training for rotations in specialized laboratories

Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (HLA) laboratories support transplant activities throughout Canada by assessing patient-donor compatibility and evaluating risk of rejection. Supervision of these laboratories by well-trained directors is essential to the transplant programs as the laboratory directors provide consultation to transplant physicians on individual transplant cases. To help directors in-training gain as much training and experience as possible, rotations in different laboratories is critical as it allows exposure to different transplant types, state of the art technologies and expertise from other established directors. To help directors in-training gain more experience and become highly competent in the HLA field, we propose to support rotations in different laboratories. Rotation in a different laboratory will focus on the review of complex transplant cases and exposure to new technologies, if applicable. Specific training objectives will be prepared and a detailed report will be submitted by the candidate. Detailed evaluation of complex cases will also be submitted to assess the effectiveness of training in the welcoming laboratory.
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KEOWN, Paul LIWSKI, Robert CAMPBELL, Patricia BERKA, Noureddine WANG, Jinguo MOSTAFA, Ahmed CHEE-LOONG, Saw RICHARD, Lucie CHARGÉ, Sophie DHARSEE, Fatima
Canadian Blood Services
BloodTechNet Award Program
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