New ‘do it yourself’ webpage makes fundraising easier than ever

You can honour someone’s life, celebrate a milestone or rally the support of your community by kickstarting your own fundraising campaign in support of Canada’s Lifeline

February 25, 2020

“Blood became such a huge part of our journey — not only because of how many units my mom received, but because it ended up being a real focal point of our day,” says Armin.


For Armin Ghayyur, being able to give back to the organization that helped his mother while she battled lymphoma is important. And honouring his mother, Mahbubeh Vahdati’s memory with an annual fundraising campaign makes it all the more meaningful. Every Monday in October 2019, Armin donated a portion of proceeds from the physiotherapy treatments given at his clinics to Canada’s Lifeline, in honour of his mother.

His journey to becoming an annual financial donor started on Jan.1, 2018, when Mahbubeh received her first blood transfusion. For almost a year, Armin watched his mother receive countless blood and platelet transfusions while doctors tried to figure out why her red blood counts kept plummeting. During her year-long search for a diagnosis, Armin’s mother relied on blood products to keep her going.

“Blood became such a huge part of our journey — not only because of how many units my mom received, but because it ended up being a real focal point of our day,” says Armin.

Sadly, Armin’s mother passed away from what was eventually discovered to be lymphoma.

Despite her passing, Armin says that he and his family will be forever grateful to all of the generous blood donors across the country who selflessly gave the life essentials that his mother needed.

Already an active blood donor, Armin wanted to extend his impact by donating financially. To honour his mother’s memory, Armin launched an annual fundraising campaign in support of Canadian Blood Services last year.

“Being a clinic and business owner, I can appreciate that things like recruitment advertising and other resources cost money,” he says.

“I’m a super busy guy and thought, instead of just going to donate blood myself, maybe my financial gift can help encourage 10 more people to donate too.”

Financial supporters like Armin save lives, and our ‘do-it-yourself’(DIY) fundraising website is making it easier than ever for you to make your own impact by organizing a fundraising event or campaign. The new and improved DIY website provides tips, online tools and inspiration for you to get your fundraiser started.

You can honour someone’s life, celebrate a milestone birthday or special occasion, or rally the support of your community in an engaging and impactful way by kickstarting your online DIY fundraising campaign in support of Canada’s Lifeline.

Through our updated online DIY portal, you can set up a dynamic personal and/or team page to share your campaign goals with others, track your fundraising progress and easily thank those who have supported you.

We also make it easy to promote your campaign or event on social media and spread the word far and wide about how financial support can make a lifesaving impact for Canadian patients. 

"I know my mom would have been proud to know that a part of her legacy, this annual campaign in her name, will contribute to saving the lives of others. She would have been happy to know this.”

Visit to get started today!

Mahbubeh Vahdati with her son, Armin Ghayyur

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