Looking back on 2017: Research highlights

Monday, January 01, 2018 Jenny Ryan

In 2017, we published numerous research stories, here are a few of our favourites. 

Natural killers: when cells go wrong — New research reveals insights into causes of FNAIT



A new study by Centre for Innovation scientist Dr. Heyu Ni and his research team at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto reveals insights into causes of miscarriage for some women...


Calculating impacts of change


calculating change

Our in-house engineer, John Blake, did some nifty number crunching and estimated that an eligibility change would mean about 35,000 fewer donations collected in a year — hence a push for new donors to step forward to help fill the gap...


Developing safer drugs for heart attack and stroke patients



Researchers at Canadian Blood Services are working on developing new drugs that don’t have these side effects but still provide effective treatment.  Two of our research projects are highlighted...


International researchers collaborate to understand trends in blood product use


O Positive Blood Collection

Researchers at our Centre for Innovation are working with international colleagues to better understand the patterns of red blood cell distribution and use. Studies like these can help inform health-care providers worldwide about the optimal donor collection strategy and the distribution and use of O-negative blood products, reducing the risk of shortages in the future...


Unique fellowship brings academic expertise to an organizational challenge


mother and baby

Dr. Jennie Haw, a sociologist whose dissertation was on private cord blood banking in Canada, has just begun a two-year CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship (HSIF) at Canadian Blood Services...


Thanks for reading! Please join us in 2018 for even more research, education and discovery stories. Let us know what you'd like to read about in the comments below. 

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