A daughter’s survival inspires this dad to join Canada’s Lifeline

Family of four sitting in the grass
Tate Locke and his beautiful family, including baby Lola.

Tate Locke was inspired to join Canada’s Lifeline and the Partners for Life program when the need for blood products hit close to home. His youngest daughter, Lola, was born 12 weeks premature and went through many medical interventions that required multiple blood transfusions. 

Tate is grateful to the blood donors who sustained his baby’s life. He says that if not for these generous donations, Lola would not have survived. “There are not enough words to describe [our] gratitude to donors for saving her life,” he adds.   

The Edmontonian says that Lola’s survival didn’t just affect their family; it also touched those around them. “Lola surviving has ripple effects on everyone she meets — caregivers, nurses, etc.,” says Tate. “Everyone says how much Lola’s presence in their life makes them happier. She is always upbeat and happy. Her toughness inspired many.”   

Lola’s ordeal made Tate realize the importance of blood donation. He says that he now realizes the urgency of donating blood, given that all day, every day, people need blood products. Tate’s company, Access Insurance, is now part of the Partners for Life program. 

Tate says that he and his work colleagues feel a real sense of pride in being part of Canada’s Lifeline. After witnessing the importance and value of blood donation within his own family, he says it feels rewarding to be part of a movement that saves lives.