Financial donation from KPMG Foundation helps fund research for plasma innovation

Ron Shivji looking at bag of plasma while donating plasma

Plasma donations, from donors like Ron, are used for transfusion or to make specialized medicine. KPMG Foundation is helping to fund research examining the way plasma protein products are delivered to patients. 

Across Canada, KPMG employees have been champions of blood donation through their 25 offices and Partner for Life teams. In addition to their years of support as a Partner for Life and valued supplier, their passion for helping patients also extends to those in need of stem cells and plasma.  

Thanks to generous past financial giving from their KPMG Foundation, KPMG was instrumental in helping establish Canada’s national public cord blood bank – an important domestic resource for patients relying on a stem cell transplant. This year, a donation from KPMG Foundation builds on many years of generosity from the company and expands their support even further, to help patients who rely on plasma protein products.   

Patient needs for medication made from plasma is soaring in Canada.  KPMG Foundation’s recent financial donation is helping to launch a research pilot project aimed at innovating and building efficiency in the way medication made from plasma is delivered to patients – which also helps us keep pace with the growing need. 

Plasma is the straw-coloured component of blood that can be just as vital for patients as red blood cells. It can be transfused directly to patients with liver failure, severe infections, or serious burns. But there is also a growing demand to make specialized medicine, or plasma protein and related products, that can help patients with immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders, autoimmune diseases and more.  

Canadian Blood Services is working to help meet the increasing demand for plasma by engaging more volunteer plasma donors across Canada and working with our partners to effectively serve patients who rely on these plasma therapies. The plasma research that KPMG Foundation’s generous gift helped us pilot in a paediatric hospital, helps chart a path toward delivering more personalized patient care and streamlined use of plasma protein products.  

With positive results in the first year of the pilot, this research will be expanded to include an adult hospital setting, with the continued support of financial donations from charitable partners.  

KPMG, their Foundation and employees are a vital link in Canada’s Lifeline. Thanks to their generosity, we are able to have even more of an impact on patients and families who rely on blood, stem cells and plasma. 

To learn more about how financial gifts and corporate supporters make a difference at Canadian Blood Services, visit or read our latest Annual Report to Financial Donors.