Canadian Blood Services’ annual report available now


Jasper, cord blood donor

Changing Tomorrow focuses on the first full year of operations through a pandemic. Maintaining continuity and safety of our essential services to patients in Canada was our priority at the outset of COVID-19 and remains our priority now.  

The report includes stories about achieving some of our ambitious goals despite the challenges in our way. These goals were only reachable with a tremendous amount of innovation and collaboration, internally and also with our donors and partners who have played essential roles in our success this year. 

Within the report, you’ll read about how we expanded our domestic plasma collections. This is an essential part of our strategic direction to provide immunoglobulin to an ever-increasing population of patients who rely on this medication. Despite the pandemic, we managed to open three new collection sites on time and on budget.  

You’ll also read about our partnership with Air Canada, and how we collaborated to ensure kidney transplants could still occur when living kidney donors were unable to travel.  

The stem cell registrant recruitment community is also featured in the report. This was one of the hardest-hit aspects of our work this year because of our traditional reliance on in-person events. We leaned on our partners, like the Stem Cell Club, to find innovative ways to promote the need for registrants virtually.  

The pandemic presented opportunities to learn and innovate in ways that have improved our ability to help every patient, match every need and serve every Canadian for generations to come. There are many other topics covered within it and there isn’t a single aspect of our work that isn’t bolstered and strengthened by the relationships we have with our valued partners. For all that has been accomplished this year and every year, we are grateful to the donors and partners that make it all possible. 

To read the full 2020–2021 annual report click here: Canadian Blood Services Annual Report.