“What we do matters to millions of Canadians and folks around the world.”

Dujon Donaldson, quality assurance manager, on what he values about his career with Canadian Blood Services

November 20, 2020
Featured image of Dujon Donaldson wearing a red soccer uniform in front of a soccer goal post

“Working with diverse teams to unravel and resolve complex issues is the coolest part of my job,” says Dujon Donaldson. “There’s never a dull moment.”

As assistant manager, quality assurance, at our Brampton testing, production and distribution facility, Dujon collaborates closely with hospitals and other business partners to ensure Canadian Blood Services products and services meet our exacting quality standards and comply with all regulatory requirements.

An avid soccer player, he understands the importance of rallying a group of colleagues around a common goal. “You have to have a team spirit in soccer,” he says, “and I try to bring that to work as well. If I’m not committed or passionate about my job, how can I expect the same from the team I lead?”

“It’s important that we’re responding and taking action.”

Image of Dujon Donaldson standing beside a Canadian Blood Services banner stand

Since joining Canadian Blood Services in 2012 as a medical laboratory technologist, Dujon has seen a lot of changes in the organization. One that stands out for him is our strengthened commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. “Making this a place where everyone feels included and is treated with dignity, fairness and respect is deeply meaningful to me,” he says. “Collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds enriches our work and promotes new ideas and solutions to tackle challenges.”

This evolution has become all the more meaningful in light of recent events. “When you look at what’s going on in the world with movements like Black Lives Matter,” Dujon says, “it’s important that we’re responding and taking action. Making those adjustments is not an easy task, but we’re 100 per cent on the right track. And it means a lot to hear [Canadian Blood Services CEO] Graham Sher say what he’s said about the commitment to change.”

What gives that commitment momentum is a workplace culture grounded in shared values. “We talk a lot about the ‘moments that matter’ as employees,” Dujon says. “One that really matters to me is employee appreciation and the way we celebrate milestones. This organization cares about the years you spend here, and they show it — not just by presenting you with a plaque, but by making you feel that what you’re doing serves a purpose.

The mission of Canadian Blood Services matches my primary career goal: to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that what we do matters to millions of Canadians and folks around the world.”

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