One month left to enter the 2024 Lay Science Writing Competition!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 Abby Wolfe

Our partnership with the Centre for Blood Research (CBR) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is helping to train the next generation of researchers in transfusion science. An announcement about this competition also appeared on the Centre for Blood Research website in April 2024. 

The 2024 Canadian Blood Services Lay Science Writing Competition, offered in partnership with the Centre for Blood Research, is currently accepting submissions with a $500 prize for the top entry and an additional $500 prize purse available for disbursement to the two runners-up! 

The competition is open to research trainees in the broad Canadian Blood Services research network – including trainees that are directly funded by Canadian Blood Services, in laboratories that receive funding from Canadian Blood Services, and at the Centre for Blood Research in Vancouver.  

  • For more details about the Lay Science Writing Competition eligibility criteria, please consult the competition Guidelines on

Call for Submissions Lay Science Writing Competition 2024 Poster

Communicating complex topics in a clear and interesting way is a valuable skill both in, and beyond, academia! This competition provides trainees an opportunity to exercise and enhance their science communication skills by sharing their research with lay audiences using the theme “Connecting science with society”. Selection of the winning entries will consider relevance to the theme, use of clear and accessible language, and the application of narrative techniques to tell a compelling, original story.  

Selected entries will also be disseminated through Canadian Blood Services’ and the Centre for Blood Research’s online platforms and social media channels. To learn more about successful entries from past competitions, check out our previous R.E.D. blog posts including:  

In my lab at the Centre for Blood Research, I spend my days (and nights) making proteins and testing them to see if they have what it takes to bust up a blood clot and save a life. It’s a long road to get from a test tube to a treatment, and it involves a lot of questions.

My research, under the supervision of Dr. Jennie Haw and along with co-researchers Katie Baker and Sebastian Steven, seeks to understand what young adults think of these pieces of the [donor eligibility] questionnaire and if the rules impact their willingness to donate blood.

The public, unfortunately, only really sees the results of research. What goes on to create those results is often mysterious for the public and can understandably create mistrust in science. Rest assured though, the backbone of research isn’t some mysterious sci-fi piece of equipment; it’s members of the public, just like you. The people themselves are truly the greatest tool in the lab.

Applications for the 2024 competition will be accepted until Friday, June 14, 2024 at 11:59pm PT. We look forward to receiving your submissions! If you have questions about the competition, please email at

Canadian Blood Services has multiple competitive funding programs open to Canadian researchers interested in pursuing projects related to our research priorities. To learn more about other research funding opportunities, visit

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