New solution for cord blood unit preservation

Patients undergoing cancer treatment or suffering from leukemia may require a stem cell transplantation to reconstitute their damaged marrow responsible for the daily production of the blood cells. Umbilical cord blood (CB) transplantation provides the opportunity for patients without suitable donor to receive a lifesaving graft. All CB units need to be stored frozen before transplantation. The procedure leads to significant decrease in the quality of the graft since stem cells are often lost due to freezing and thawing procedures. In this proposal, a new class of protectant (i.e. cryoprotectants) know as ice recrystallization inhibitors will be tested to reduce cell lesions during freezing and thawing. Different IRI molecules will be tested and new combination
investigated, then the therapeutic value of the IRI will be tested using a preclinical transplantation model. This research will foster new knowledge in regenerative biology and may lead to new solutions to improve cord blood transplantation. Indeed, new approaches are needed to address the needs of the increasing number of Canadian patients who will soon rely on CB transplantation for their continuing health.
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