McMaster Centre for Transfusion Research

The McMaster Centre for Transfusion Research (MCTR) is an academic research group whose mission is to optimize blood transfusion practice through rigorous and innovative research. MCTR brings together clinical, methodological and translational experts to perform cutting-edge research; foster collaborations; and train future leaders in Transfusion Medicine. Our thematic research strategy includes: 1) Blood Utilization, the study of evidence-based blood product use including alternatives, sustainability, and donor research; 2) Health Outcomes Research, including large epidemiological studies to understand patterns of blood product utilization, and link donor characteristic, product processing methods and transfusion outcomes; and 3) Hemostasis and Bleeding Disorders, both inherited and acquired, including basic mechanistic studies in immune cytopenias and clinical studies on specialized blood product utilization. In 2015, MCTR was officially endorsed as an academic Centre by McMaster University, which provided new shared space for investigators and staff. Continuous infrastructure funding from Canadian Blood Services (CBS) has enabled our group to become a global leader in Transfusion Medicine research. This Canadian Blood Services Program Support Award will allow us to advance new knowledge on blood donors and recipients, expand large transfusion databases, conduct practice-changing clinical trials and develop training pathways in Transfusion Science for students at all levels.
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ARNOLD, Donald
McMaster University
Transfusion Medicine Research Program Support Award
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