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Blood Donation by Sikh Nation

Blood Donation by Sikh Nation
Blood donors from Sikh Nation in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary donated a combined total of 354 blood donations in November.

“We believe in giving life”, says Bill Kahlon, Sikh Nation champion in Calgary. “The Sikh Nation believe in giving life (donating blood), based on humanitarian grounds we help all others regardless of race.” This group wants to send the message that blood can save lives. Every November, blood donors from Sikh Nation groups across the country come together to promote new donors to join Canada’s Lifeline.

Blood Donation by Sikh Nation


This past November, Sikh Nation members from the Prairie Region donated at various donor events in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. A total of 354 units were collected during the month-long national donation event. As part of this, 141 new donors joined Canada’s Lifeline.

Overall, Canadian patients have benefitted from the generosity of the Sikh community and the140,000 blood donations they have contributed in the past two decades.