Immunohematology Referral Testing Services - Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, AB,  Diagnostic Services , Immunohematology Reference Laboratory specializes in the identification and resolution of complex patient red cell antibody problems.  The laboratory, with experienced technologists, a large inventory of routine and rare reagent red cells and sera and the availability of advanced serological and genomic tests, provides transfusion related problem  resolution and hospital consultation.

Referral testing is provided by Edmonton, AB, Diagnostic Services for Alberta, North West Territories and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

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Available Immunohematology Referral Tests
Immunohematology Referral Requisitions and Form



Red Cell Antibody Investigation

Request for Serological Investigation​ (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)

Discrepancy Resolution (ABO, Rh, Other Major Blood Groups)

Request for Serological Investigation​ (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)
Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT)

Request for Serological Investigation​ (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)

RBC Genotyping Testing for RHCE and Extended Blood Groups

Request for Patient Blood Group Genotyping AB (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)

RHD Genotyping

Request for RHD Genotyping (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)

Demande de génotypage RhD (PDF)
(Peut être rempli en ligne)

Test for Anti-IgA

Patient Request for Anti-IgA Testing (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)

Test for Anti-IgA (Frequently Asked Questions) (PDF)
(Electronic Fillable Form)

Requesting Test Results

Reference laboratory and genotyping test results are available in Netcare for patients with an Alberta PHN or Unique Lifetime Identifier (ULI) number. 

For reference laboratory and genotyping patient test results please contact the Diagnostic Services Laboratory at 780-431-8765 or TF: 1-866-258-8889 ext. 8765.