Customer Service

Hospital Customer Service Initiative


Customer Service
Canadian Blood Services is working towards a more integrated relationship with hospital customers to provide safe and effective care for patients.

Unlike a traditional partnership that involves a single primary point of contact and each organization planning in isolation of each other, we want to establish multiple points of contact with our hospitals and work towards aligning mutual objectives.

Several regions have tried to move to a more integrated model by attending hospital "Transfusion Committee" meetings. This has become an excellent opportunity to increase the number of contact points within the hospital. The hospital representation on a Transfusion Committee varies from hospital to hospital, but generally includes the blood bank medical director, the blood bank manager, a hospital surgeon, anesthetist, risk manager, and transfusion safety nurse.

Canadian Blood Services' Product and Hospital Services Field Directors and Hospital Liaison Specialists have used this as an excellent opportunity to present information about future changes at Canadian Blood Services, and to seek hospital input about the impact of these planned changes.

Ideally, Canadian Blood Services would like to grow these partnerships to the point where multiple contacts work as a team to meet the objectives of all organizations involved. We look forward to a time when specific representatives from all parties contribute to strategic planning.