Frontline Donors

You don’t just make a difference,
you make all the difference.

When there’s no time to confirm a patient’s blood type, your O-negative blood can be the difference between life and death. That’s why you’re such a critical part of the first responder team.

That’s what makes you a Frontline Donor.

From blood donor, to recipient, to team Canada

Alicia Souveny found her way to the national women’s para-hockey team after losing her leg in a freeway crash

Crash survivor makes first blood donation since traumatic injury

Less than a year after he lost his leg in a motorcycle crash, Nathan Olson is back to donating blood

O-negative blood type facts

Blood bag icon
O-negative blood is the universal donor, and can be given to anyone in need
7 percent icon
Only 7% of the
Canadian population
has O-negative blood

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There's a good chance someone in your family also has O-negative blood