It all started with a sharp pain in Vinesha Ramasamy’s left knee. An x-ray revealed a mass. As her oncologist put it, it was “the worst case of high-grade osteosarcoma” he’d ever seen. At 15 years old she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Since Vinesha's cancer was aggressive, her medical team chose an equally aggressive treatment plan. After the first cycle of chemotherapy, she developed a high fever. Then, her kidneys started to fail, and a risky blood clot developed in her neck. Since chemotherapy also destroys red blood cells, she became anemic and was in desperate need of a blood transfusion to stay alive.

To make her situation more critical, she has O-negative blood – a rare blood type that only seven per cent of Canadians have. Her life depended on a very small percentage of Canadian donors because, while her blood type can be transfused to anyone, she can only receive O-negative blood.

Because of people like you, she was able to access the blood and platelet donations she needed to help keep her fighting.

Unfortunately, Vinesha’s health challenges did not end there. Three and a half years into remission, the cancer came back. This time it was in her lungs and a complex surgery was required. Once again, she needed blood during surgery.

Vinesha ended up needing more than 200 units of blood to help save her life.

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