Understanding brain death: a multipurpose educational video aimed to a diverse public and professional audience

Transplantation medicine, predominantly based on deceased organ donation in brain dead donors, is a treatment that benefits many people. Even though brain death and organ donation are widely accepted in medicine and law, there remains ongoing debate, misunderstanding and confusion in both public and professional domains. Lack of understanding and acceptance of brain death is known to lead to family rejection of organ donation at the end of life. Recent high profile media controversies emphasize the ongoing need for public and professional education.
In order to advance the understanding of brain death, and hence the acceptance of organ donation, we propose the design and development of a multipurpose educational and instructional video aimed to a diverse public and professional audience. In an entertaining, non-threatening and easy-to-comprehend fashion, we will graphically illustrate normal brain function, what is lost in brain death and the manner in which the body can be sustained after brain death with organ preserving interventions. In order to enhance understanding and trust in diagnosis, the rigorous and precise clinical determination of brain death based on national guidelines will be explained.
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