Transfusion CONsent by a Standardized Evidence-based Novel Tool (Transfusion- CONSENT): Creating and validating novel tools to assess competence in obtaining transfusion consent

In Canada, transfusions can only be performed after obtaining informed consent from patients. However, studies show that transfusion consent is often poorly performed. Our goal is to ensure postgraduate medical trainees are educated to discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives of transfusions allowing them to obtain informed consent from their patients. To achieve this objective, we will create two important tools for medical education: an accessible online curriculum and a rubric to assess the performance of learners. The rubric will be evaluated to ensure it is reliable and accurate. With the shift to an outcomes-based approach to learning in medical education, the rubric will be an important tool to ensure physicians are competent in obtaining informed consent for blood transfusion.
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KHANDELWAL, Aditi HASPEL, Richard FUNG, Mark LANE, Shannon ZELLER, Michelle
Canadian Blood Services
BloodTechNet Award Program
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