Prospective observational study of organ deceased donor management in 3 ICUs - a pilot study (the DONATE pilot study)

We are launching an exciting new program of research in organ donation medicine. Our 5-year plan is to develop a sustainable collaboration that is international in scope. The current proposal, the DONATE Pilot Study, lays the foundation for these plans and includes a 1-year, 3- centre study that will have immediate relevance to clinical practice and will also pave the way for national clinical trials. This dovetails nicely with the objectives of the Kenneth J. Fyke award through the Canadian Blood Services to enhance organ donation and transplantation across Canada. The overarching goal is to observe the medical management of organ donors in the intensive care units of Hamilton Health Sciences, London Health Sciences Centre and Montreal Hopital Sacre Coeur, which rank among the most active organ donation centres in Canada. We have 4 main objectives:
1. Knowledge Translation:
A report of current practices in these centres will support clinicians across Canada by providing a benchmark, and offering practice alternatives. For example, we predict that special methods
of providing artificial respiration are underutilized for organ donors, which has important implications for hospital education.
2. Evaluation of Medical Interventions:
Another objective is to selected medical treatments. For example, we predict that steroid hormone therapy improves transplant rates and organ function 6 months after transplantation.
3. Quality Assurance:
A third objective is to assess the usefulness of current provincial data about organ donors for research uses. Comparing provincial data with data collected by trained, clinical, on-site research staff will highlight potential areas for improvement.
4. Advancing Research:
Canadian databases do not yet link data from organ donors and their recipients. We will build the necessary collaborations to support the capture of these data, which will allow us to determine how different treatments for organ donors can improve the well-being of organ recipients.
Principal Investigator / Supervisor
MEADE, Maureen
Co-Investigator(s) / Trainee
D'ARAGON, Frederick RIBIC, Christine SHARPE, Michael BALL, Ian WILLIAMSON, David DHANANI, Sonny HANNA, Steven
McMaster University
Kenneth J. Fyke Award Program
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