Preservation of red blood cells by the novel isochoric oil-sealing supercooling system

Red blood cells (RBCs) are needed for life-saving blood transfusions, but they undergo continuous degradation during storage. Conventional cryopreservation technologies cause ice damage to RBCs. This study aims to improve the quality of RBCs stored in a liquid state at temperatures below freezing (supercooled) for extended storage times (> 100 days) by using a novel isochoric (constant-volume) oil-sealing system. Firstly, an isochoric cryomicroscopy will be developed to observe mass migration inside the blood cells at a supercooled state to verify the advantage of supercooling compared with freezing of RBCs. Secondly, a novel isochoric oil-sealing supercooling system will be developed. Thirdly, the quality of RBCs after long-term cryopreservation will be evaluated and the scaled production of an isochoric oil-sealing system for storing a full unit of RBCs will be developed. The preservation technology studied in this project can minimize the injury to RBCs during extended storage prior to transfusion, which has the potential to support a safe, effective and responsive system of blood for Canada.
Principal Investigator / Supervisor
ACKER, Jason
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ZHAO, Yuanheng
Canadian Blood Services
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
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