Pediatric Transfusion Camp

The University of Toronto Transfusion Camp (UofT TC) was created in 2012 and is a novel approach to teaching postgraduate medical trainees from various specialties about transfusion. It occurs as five full day sessions across the academic year and includes pre-reading material, lectures and interactive seminars. Currently, it is delivered to more than 400 trainees at 13 Canadian universities. The majority of the trainees who participate are in training programs for anesthesiology and adult hematology. To date, trainees showed a statistically significant improvement in their transfusion knowledge based on improvement in test scores.1
Pre-test scores for pediatric hematology oncology residents have been consistently below the performance of non-pediatric residents, despite most of the trainees being farther along in their training. Pediatric trainees have consistently provided feedback requesting additional content focusing on children. As well, pediatric intensivists, an important subgroup of physicians who order a significant number of transfusions, have not attended this program in the past.
The objective of this study is to understand the current gaps of knowledge for non-transfusion medicine pediatric trainees, to assess baseline pediatric TM knowledge using a validated assessment tool, and to develop pediatric specific objectives to integrate the current UofT TC for these trainees.
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LIN, Yulia CALLUM, Jeannie WALSH, Catherine CHARGÉ, Sophie WILLIAMS, Suzanne FARONI, David MEMA, Briseida LACROIX, Jacque LAU, Wendy ROBITAILLE, Nancy FINAN, Emer HUME, Heather HASPEL, Richard ATKINSON, Adelle SCOLNIK, Dennis
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