Jenkins, Craig

Selected Publications

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  3. Acker JP, Hansen AL, Kurach JDR, Turner TR, Croteau I, Jenkins C: A quality monitoring program for red blood cell components: in vitro quality indicators before and after implementation of semiautomated processing. Transfusion 2014; doi:10.1111/trf.12679.
  4. Sheffield WP, Bhakta V, Talbot K, Pryzdial ELG, Jenkins C: Quality of frozen transfusable plasma prepared from whole blood donations in Canada: An update. Transfus Apher Sci 2013; 49:440-6.
  5. Mastronardi C, Schubert P, Levin E, Bhakta V, Yi Q-L, Hansen A, Stewart T, Jenkins C, Lefresne W, Sheffield W, Acker JP: Process improvement by eliminating mixing of whole blood units after an overnight hold prior to component production using the buffy coat method. Journal of Blood Transfusion 2013; 154838
  6. Sheffield WP, Bhakta V, Mastronardi C, Ramirez‐Arcos S, Howe D, Jenkins C: Changes in coagulation factor activity and content of di (2‐ethylhexyl) phthalate in frozen plasma units during refrigerated storage for up to five days after thawing. Transfusion 2012; 52:493-502.