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Our Publications

Updated October 2017

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Title Authors Yearsort ascending Journal Link to Article Intended Audience Purpose
An evaluation of overall effectiveness and treatment satisfaction with intravenous immunoglobulin among patients with immune thrombocytopenia Sholapur NS, Hamilton K, Butler L, Heddle NM, Arnold DM 2016 Transfusion Researchers Clinical research
Rationale and design of platelet transfusions in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: the PATH pilot study Tay J, Allan D, Beattie S, Bredeson C, Fergusson D, Maze D, Sabloff M, Thavorn K, Tinmouth A 2016 BMJ Open Researchers Clinical research
Fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia Zdravic D, Yougbare I, Vadasz B, Li C, Marshall AH, Chen P, Kjeldsen-Kragh J, Ni H 2016 Semin Fetal Neonatal Med Researchers Basic research
Routine nucleic acid testing of blood donations fails to detect all human immunodeficiency virus–positive blood donors Fearon M, Scalia V, Lane D, Bigham M, Hawes G, O'Brien S, Kadkhoda K 2016 Transfusion Health care providers Clinical research
Molecular immunohematology at Canadian Blood Services: red cell antigen genotyping Goldman M, Hannaford K, Hannon J, Berardi P 2016 website Health care providers Other
Best practices in the differential diagnosis and reporting of acute transfusion reactions Heddle N, Hillis C, Shih A 2016 Internat J Clin Transfus Med Health care providers Clinical research
Alleviation of gram-negative bacterial lung inflammation by targeting HECTD2 Kapur R, Semple JW 2016 Ann Transl Med Researchers Basic research
The mechanism and modulation of complement activation on polymer grafted cells Leung VL, Kizhakkedathu JN 2016 Acta Biomater Researchers Basic research
Evaluating appropriate red blood cell transfusions: a quality audit at 10 Ontario hospitals to determine the optimal measure for assessing appropriateness Spradbrow J, Cohen R, Lin Y, Armali C, Collins A, Cserti-Gazdewich C, Lieberman L, Pavenski K, Pendergrast J, Webert K, Callum J 2016 Transfusion Health care providers Benchmarking and standard setting
Acquired Factor XIII Inhibitor in Hospitalized and Perioperative Patients: A Systematic Review of Case Reports and Case Series Tone KJ, James TE, Fergusson DA, Tinmouth A, Tay J, Avey MT, Kilty S, Lalu MM 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers Clinical research
Blood-Borne Pathogens: A Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation Symposium Walsh GM, Shih AW, Solh Z, Golder M, Schubert P, Fearon M, Sheffield WP 2016 Transfus Med Rev Health care providers Other
Compatibility of Lactated Ringer’s Solution human blood products containing red blood cells: a systematic review protocol Wolfe D, English S, Fergusson D, Kanji S, Lalu M, Mendis N, Tinmouth A, McIntyre L 2016 OHRI Publications Researchers Clinical research
Platelet transfusion, alloimmunization, and management of platelet refractoriness Zeller M 2016 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers Other
Antibody-mediated immune suppression is improved when blends of anti-RBC monoclonal antibodies are used in mice Bernardo L, Amash A, Marjoram D, Lazarus AH 2016 Blood Researchers Basic research
Introduction to the Special Issue: Teaching Healthcare Operations Research, Part 1 Blake J 2016 INFORMS Transactions on Education Researchers Other
ResearchUnit: Mastering the monocyte monolayer assay Branch D 2016 website Other Other
Non-invasive spectroscopy of transfusable red blood cells stored inside sealed plastic blood-bags Buckley K, Atkins CG, Chen D, Schulze HG, Devine DV, Blades MW, Turner RFB 2016 Analyst Researchers New or improved product or process
Rationale and Design of the Informing Fresh versus Old Red Cell Management (INFORM) Trial: An International Pragmatic Randomized Trial Eikelboom JW, Cook RJ, Barty R, Liu Y, Arnold DM, Crowther MA, Devereaux PJ, Ellis M, Figueroa P, Gallus A, Hirsh J, Kurz A, Roxby D, Sessler DI, Sharon Y, Sobieraj-Teague M, Warkentin TE, Webert KE, Heddle NM 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers Clinical research
Development of standard definitions for surveillance of complications related to blood donation Goldman M, Land K, Robillard P, Wiersum-Osselton J 2016 Vox Sang Blood operators Benchmarking and standard setting
Laboratory management of perinatal patients with apparently" new" anti-D Hannon J, Clarke G 2016 Immunohematology Researchers Basic research
ResearchUnit: Data mining: digging for deeper understanding of blood components and transfusion outcomes Heddle NM, Acker JP 2016 website Other Other
ResearchUnit: United we stand, divided we fall: using monoclonal antibody combinations to improve drug effectiveness Lazarus A 2016 website Other Other
High-dose dexamethasone compared with prednisone for previously untreated primary immune thrombocytopenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis Mithoowani S, Gregory-Miller K, Goy J, Miller MC, Wang G, Noroozi N, Kelton JG, Arnold DM 2016 Lancet Haematol Researchers Clinical research
How we treat thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: Results of a Canadian TTP practice survey Patriquin CJ, Clark WF, Pavenski K, Arnold DM, Rock G, Foley SR, for the Canadian Apheresis Group 2016 J Clin Apher Health care providers Clinical research
Quality and Safety of Blood Products Ramirez-Arcos S, Marks DC, Acker JP, Sheffield WP 2016 J Blood Transfus Researchers Other