Generation of a coagulation factor-based thrombotic agent

While blood clotting is essential for life, too much clot results in heart disease and stroke. To help restore normal blood flow, our research team has discovered a novel function for the plasma protein product, clotting factor X (FX), and stabilized this new function to make a clot-dissolving agent called Xai-K. While the prevailing clot-dissolving drug (tPA) has helped many people, it is not perfect. The foremost problem is that it may cause life-threatening bleeding. Xai-K is as effective in animals as tPA, and measurements of bleeding risk indicate that Xai-K is safer than tPA. While a promising therapeutic, production of Xai-K is a difficult multistep process. Thus, our aim here is to create a recombinant version of Xai-K, making it simpler to produce and more attractive to develop as a pharmaceutical. We will evaluate the clot-dissolving abilities and bleeding safety of Xai-K using biochemical and animal experiments. Advancing toward a new therapeutic to restore the normal passage of blood and help save patients’ lives, recombinant versions of Xai-K have been created and purified, and preliminary data confirm clot-busting activity in plasma.
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WITT, Alexandra
University of British Columbia
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British Columbia
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