Donor factors and product quality

This study intends to assess the physical characteristics blood collected from dedicated, frequent blood donors and how these characteristics may change during storage. By examining different methods by which blood is produced, we will determine how this affects the characteristics of different subgroups of blood cells within a unit of blood. The goal is to show that differences exist between these groups of cells and to understand how donor factors and behaviours contribute to these differences . We will examine how different groups of cells contribute to the ability for the blood to carry oxygen and whethe transfusion of blood from dedicated, frequent blood donors contributes to any differences in the quality of life of transfusion recipients. This work will provide information on the effect that donor factors have on the quality of stored blood products that will help optimize the quality of the blood components we produce, minimize adverse effects from frequent blood donors, and provide a foundation for informing policies and future studies aimed at improving the safety and quality of blood transfusions.
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ACKER, Jason
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University of Alberta
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