Donor characteristics and the quality of red cell concentrates

Red blood cell product quality can differ due the age and sex of the blood donor. We proposed that young female blood donors have a higher proportion of “young” circulating red blood cells which have unique physical characteristics. In this project we will examine the unique properties of the young RBCs that are enriched in female blood donors and how these cells survive and function following separation into defined red blood cell products used for transfusion. We will simulate the transfusion of young RBCs from female donors into blood from male donors to determine if these young cells adversely affect the oxygen delivery and immune function. This project will assess if blood donor characteristics contribute to the quality of stored red blood cell products with the goal of optimizing the quality of the blood components in Canada, minimize adverse effects from sex mis-matched transfusion and provide a foundation for informing policies and future studies aimed at evaluating the appropriate utilization of sex matched transfusions.
Principal Investigator / Supervisor
ACKER, Jason
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Canadian Blood Services
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
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