Development of internet modules for serology curriculum delivery

An important aspect of providing safe blood transfusions is ensuring that the patient is compatible with the blood they are about to receive. This requires an understanding of the possible antibodies in the patient that may attack the donated blood making it incompatible. Therefore, teaching doctors and technologists working in the blood bank about the detection of antibodies and their potential impacts is a critical part of transfusion education. Unfortunately, in a survey we performed on Canadian hematology trainees, we found that their knowledge and experiences regarding antibodies was quite varied, and in some cases, lacking. In an effort to provide accessible education to doctors across Canada, we propose creating an Internet-based platform to deliver curriculum about blood groups and antibodies. In addition, this Internet-based curriculum could be used by blood bank technologists and serve as a library of interesting antibody cases to help people share their expertise and knowledge. This project will not only meet our objective of standardizing transfusion education across Canada for hematology trainees, but also aligns well with the Award’s objective to facilitate innovative educational tools to tackle learning needs not currently met. Deliverables include the Internet-based curriculum itself, and a publication of our project.
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YAN, Matthew
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Canadian Blood Services
BloodTechNet Award Program
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