Developing a Canadian policy on the responsible use of umbilical cord blood for proven indications in regenerative therapy

Umbilical cord blood is being used increasingly for novel indications in regenerative therapy and new types of cellular products can be manufactured from cord blood cells. While the prospect of cell-based therapy using cord blood cells holds significant promise, there has been excessive media hype which has amplified the public’s expectations regarding cord blood therapy. Rational, transparent and fair policies are needed to guide public and private banks in this area for the protection of Canadian donors, patients and the public from the potential dangers of unproven therapies. In our research, we will develop the policy and tools to facilitate optimized and responsible use of banked umbilical cord blood for regenerative therapy in Canada. We will identify and evaluate the scientific evidence in support of specific indications for the use of cord blood in regenerative therapy and compare to popular media reports that have shaped public perceptions. We will share our knowledge with an extensive network of patient and stakeholder interest groups to ensure our policy discussions are evidence-based. We will develop processes to ensure fair access to units from public inventories of banked units and design search algorithms specific to regenerative therapy that are compatible with national and international registries.
Principal Investigator / Supervisor
ALLAN, David
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Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Kenneth J. Fyke Award Program
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