Defining the stem cell regulatory functions of GAS6 and FTO

Many blood disorders are life-threatening conditions that require regular transfusion and non­curative long-term therapies, and/or stem cell transplantation that remains risky with a high incidence of complications. Recent advances in the field of cellular engineering and gene editing have raised the possibility of curing these disorders. While very promising, limitations in these technologies remain such as the capacity to raise the number of functional blood stem cells or edit stem cells without losing their key properties. The root of the problem is that blood stem cells need to be placed in laboratory cell cultures for such applications and current culture conditions fail to properly support stem cells. In this proposal, we will continue the development of a new cell culture expansion platform that improves the expansion and maintenance of blood stem cells. More specifically, we will study the potential contribution of a growth factor that our laboratory has recently identified to be of relevance, and one protein that may be acts as a master regulator of blood stem cells. This work will deepen our understanding and open new opportunities for upcoming therapies such as gene editing that will benefit patients.
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MAGANTI, Harinad
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Canadian Blood Services
Graduate Fellowship Program
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