Blood utilization epidemiological profile to evaluate appropriate use (BLUE)

Blood transfusion is a common and costly medical therapy. Studies have provided a snapshot in-time
about patients requiring blood products, the type and amount of products transfused and whether
overutilization is occurring; however, a system to continuously monitor trends by patient populations
and a process for continuous assessment of compliance with established guidelines is not available.
Without this information it is difficult for hospitals to target populations where evidence-based
transfusion practices and utilization can be improved. This study will utilize a database with information
already continuously captured from four (4) Hamilton hospitals over a 5 year period providing detailed
blood product information, and clinical, demographic and laboratory data from transfused recipients.
These data will provide information on who is prescribing blood products, why they are given
(diagnosis/indication, amount, compliance with established guidelines) and to whom (recipient sex,
age, medical comorbidities, ABO and RhD type). We will develop a novel on-line reporting system to
provide hospitals with reports on blood product utilization and guideline compliance. The system
reports will be continuously updated as new information is uploaded (every 1-2 month) for use by
blood bank directors, administrators and clinical staff to identify areas for quality improvement and
evaluate quality improvement initiatives.
Principal Investigator / Supervisor
ZELLER, Michelle
Co-Investigator(s) / Trainee
ARNOLD, Donald WEBERT, Kathryn HEDDLE, Nancy NING, Shuoyan BARTY, Rebecca
McMaster University
Blood Efficiency Accelerator Program
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