Blood and stem cell donation for men who have sex with men in Canada: A toolkit for healthcare professionals

Men who have sex with men (MSM) have experienced a long history of barriers in blood donation. Starting in 2010, Canadian Blood Services (CBS) has worked to implement stepwise reductions in the time-based deferral impacting these communities. Currently, MSM are deferred from donating blood for three months after their last sexual encounter with a man. Research necessary to adjust these policies while maintaining blood safety is ongoing. Additionally, since 2009, MSM have been eligible to register as stem cell donors. Few members of the LGBTQ community are familiar with stem cell donation, and few healthcare providers know that MSM are eligible to register as stem cell donors. This grant funds development of a toolkit that educates healthcare professionals about blood and stem cell donation in Canada for MSM, starting from the historical policies and the context in which they were first implemented, through until today’s policies and where we are heading from here. The toolkit includes an online module, a workshop, social media resources, and support of a series of stem cell drives staffed by healthcare professional students which will take place at Pride events across Canada to engage MSM to potentially register as stem cell donors.
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GOLDMAN, Mindy SHIH, Andrew ELMOAZZEN, Heidi ALLAN, David PETRASZKO, Tanya YAN, Matthew COUPAL, Dylan SEGALL, Romy CHOWDHURY, Fuad CAI, Helen KUMAR, Shamini Vijaya TRAADE, Daniel ROSENFELD, Aaron KAVEH, Farrokhi
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