Process: submitting a new brand for the national formulary

When a new brand falls within a category or group of products that is already available on the formulary, a separate review process is used.


Review evidence

Canadian Blood Services reviews the clinical evidence available on the safety and effectiveness of the brand to determine whether the particular brand could improve patient outcomes.

We also consult with key stakeholders, which may include medical experts, clinicians, patient groups and patients, to better understand their needs and determine what the potential impact could be should we decide to list the brand on our formulary.


Assess impact

We look at the budget impact of the brand and compare it with other available options to determine what the impact of listing the brand could be on our overall program budget. As we are funded by the provincial and territorial governments, it is important that we are fiscally responsible with the health-care dollars entrusted to us.


Make decision

Based on our review of the medical evidence and the cost of the product, we determine whether to list the brand.



If we decide to carry the product, we work with the vendor, hospital customers and within our team to secure regular inventories of the brand and to ensure clinicians, hospital blood banks and clinics know when and how they can access the product for their patients, as well as provide them with any further support they may need.