We can't donate so am ever thankful to donors

Both my wife and I are going through our own separate cancer journeys but about 5 or so years ago, I had to rush my wife into Drumheller hospital from the RV Resort. After a number of tests, it was finally determined that all her symptoms and her near fainting was caused by extreme anemia. Treatment was 3 units of blood. Subsequently she was diagnosed with NSC Lung Cancer. She'd always dealt with anemia since she was a child but never needed blood until that camping trip. After her cancer diagnosis and treatment, about 2 years or so ago, it was determined she was again anemic, and the specialist ordered 2 units of blood for infusion. Just this month she again was experiencing many symptoms such as headaches, low energy, heart palpitations (especially if she tried to walk around the house) paleness, etc and upon blood work before an upcoming treatment, she again was deemed severely anemic which was determined not treatment related. Once again, she needed a blood transfusion; this time 1 unit only. Because we both have active cancer diagnosis, we are unable to give blood so totally reliant on blood donors to 'give the gift of life.' Without donors, my wife would not be able to get the lifesaving transfusions she required during episodes of severe anemia.


Leduc, Alberta

Blood recipient and husband