Tuesday, Blood Tuesday

Why am I going to call this Bloody Tuesday? Well, I did bloodwork in the morning and blood donation in the evening of a regular Tuesday.
I have been a club member for a year now: the "It Takes All Types" club. Members of that club are potential blood sponsors who get together twice a year to donate Blood. We all wear the T-shirt with the logo to demonstrate all the other blood donors: Hey, we are professionals. We always show up as a group of the notorious "Blood Angels" and flood Newmarket and the Give Blood organization with our precious juice.
The concept of blood donation used to make me feel uneasy. After all, there are needles, plastic bags, and the procedure of puncturing a vein involved. However, the reality of donating is more of a social interaction of thoughts, words, and Blood. I'm here for the third time now because three months pass quickly.
At today's bloodletting, I was surprised at how much fun and cheerful blood donation can be. The staff of Give Blood especially offers a package that says, "We stitch with kindness." We swap stories and pay little attention to the bloody side of the business. It is a pleasure to be part of the blood donation society.
Welcome, Bloody Tuesday.


Newmarket, Ontario

Man donating blood wearing T shirt that says "It takes all types"