Plasma donations have been life changing for me

I am so grateful for plasma donations that have improved my health, quality, and longevity of life.

I was diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency, called hypogammaglobulinemia or (CVID) several years ago in my mid forties. At first, I was overwhelmed with the diagnosis and so scared to start treatment, but my Hematologist assured me it would be life changing for the better and he was right!

Prior to diagnosis and treatment, my whole life, I was sick more often than not with one debilitating infection after another, respiratory tract/ lung, intestinal, ear and sinus infections that only worsened as I aged. Hospital visits became more frequent and travel was no longer an option for me. This affected my immediate family who did not travel without me either.

Now after diagnosis and ongoing immune globulin injections derived from plasma, I am healthy more often than not. It also affects those close to me, as I am visiting more family members and as a business owner, I am interacting with my staff, customers and clients more often face to face.

I must mention there is also a certain overall satisfaction and improvement on your mental health that comes with a diagnosis, and treatment after so long as well, it is hard to explain, but it is like a huge weight lifted.

Thank you for donating, you are making a positive impact on my life and it ripples into giggles and smiles for those close to me!


Edmonton, Alberta

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