Pay It Forward

When I was 2.5 years old I underwent open heart surgery and was given a blood transfusion. This is what I was told, so at 12 years old I wanted to give back, help someone else by giving blood but was denied the chance. At this age I volunteered at Osborne Red Cross.

Throughout the years I kept trying, only to be told that I couldn't. I have O-positive blood but I couldn't help the way I was helped. That person saved my life and I wanted to do the same.

Covid came and went. I heard on the radio several times, Canadian Blood Services needs blood. I said to my son, "I wish I could donate."

He said "why can't you?" Told him the story of a lifetime of rejection. He said, "call again." So I did. Talked to somebody who was very thorough with me and the rest is history!

I donated for the first time on February 27/2023. I am 59 years old. So elated! Thank you for the chance to pay it forward. Will be back.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Blood donor in her home