My Sinus Story

I was born and raised in the Swiss Alps. I grew up on a farm in a small town named Klosters. The famous Ski resort and WEF Prättigau valley. I recall being hospitalized at the age of 16 and 17 due to severe tonsillitis and respiratory issues.

In hindsight it all makes sense as my father had severe bronchial asthma and was in and out of the hospital/sanatorium while I was growing up, I only knew my father as being ill. My dad’s illness encouraged me to take on a career in the medical field. I went on to study what we call back home Doctors Assistant/Lab Technician, in short “Office nurse”.

I came to BC, Canada in 1980 and have been suffering with sinus infections on and off. I have seen several ENT’s over the years before I got to my Hero Dr. Amin Javer who diagnosed me In 2002 with AFS (allergic fungal Sinus disease) and CRC (chronic Rhinosinusitis).

Unfortunately I had recurrent infections with severe debilitating frontal sinus headaches and facial pain. My family doctor at the time refused to refer me to an immunologist and didn’t believe my sinus problems were severe enough to pay attention. Having grown up with a father that was always sick, I knew there was more to it and that I was immune compromised.

In September 2005 once again I was sitting with Dr. Javer getting my sinuses flushed and we discussed other causes and tests, which he ordered immediately.

The tests came back positive for Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder (PIDD) and were confirmed with two different Immunologists.
On Nov 06/2005, I received my first Blood Plasma infusion at the Delta Hospital where I went for many years, than transferred to Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock and now for the last 2 years here in Kelowna General Hospital, BC.

Dr. Javer is my lifeline and these infusions are lifesaving and every donor is a Hero to me.


Westbank, British Columbia

Plasma recipient with Christmas decorations in background