My disease and plasma

When I was just three years old, I was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease - a rare and terrifying illness that causes inflammation in the blood vessels throughout the body. In some cases, like mine, Kawasaki Disease can also cause aneurysms in the heart. As a family, we were plunged into a world of confusion and anxiety, with no prior knowledge of this disease. Despite being subjected to a gruelling period of misdiagnoses and unknowns, I was eventually admitted to the hospital and placed on a treatment plan that included IVIG, a plasma product.

Yet even with the best medical intervention, the first dose of IVIG failed to make any impact on my worsening condition. My family and I were left in despair as we watched my condition deteriorate rapidly. But it was then that the medical staff's quick thinking proved to be our saving grace - I was given a second dose of IVIG, and this time, it worked like a miracle. The plasma from anonymous donors had given me a second chance at life.

This experience ignited in me an unwavering passion for science and medicine. I became increasingly intrigued by the human body and how it can be healed. So when I reached university, I pursued a major in biomedical science with a sole aim - to become a cardiologist and give back to society by saving the lives of other children, just like plasma had saved mine.

As I reflect on my experience with Kawasaki Disease, I feel nothing but gratitude for the selfless plasma donors that saved my life. I have come to value every moment of my life and cherish even the smallest of things, like being able to run and study.

For me, Canada's Lifeline is not just a symbol of hope, but of gratitude too. It represents the generosity and kindness of those who donate their time, blood, and plasma to help others. Without these donors, countless people like me would not have had the chance to live healthy and fulfilling lives. I am proud to be a part of a community that values donation and supports the work of Canada's Lifeline.


Cambridge, Ontario

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