I'm a vampire

My first blood transfusion was 2 units! My second transfusion a few months later when I got a call from Dr I needed to be admitted, 2 units on Halloween! I joked with the nurses had I known I would’ve dressed up as a Vampire! 5 years later I refer to my blood transfusions as being a vampire, I’ve lost track of how many units I’ve had over the years. I refer to my cross match bracelet as my wrist band to get into medical daycare aka my resort! To give thanks I volunteered at a blood donor clinic! It was great to meet so many donors from 1st to over 100!! At the time back then Canadian Blood Services asked to share my story but I was in denial not realizing this is my new life. 5 years later I depend on others who give the gift of life. My first transfusion I had antibodies so my cross match is difficult. I thank ALL who donate! Without this amazing system I wouldn’t be here so many times over. Drs don’t know what’s exactly wrong with me as I’m complicated. I’m bleeding with one source found and the other a mystery, but on blood thinners due to clotting in my leg and both my lungs when this mess started. A constant loss of blood so can’t donate! But! I can and have spread the word that even if you’re unable to donate you can spread the word to others! Believing in the system is the same as giving the gift of life! Over the years I’ve accepted my new life! My goal is to encourage others to donate. For those of us who can’t, we can educate and encourage others! I have also lost track of how many I’ve encouraged to give the gift of life. Thank you to all! I’m truly only here because of this amazing system. 


Nanaimo, British Columbia

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