Happy to give back

During the course of a surgery I ended up needing a blood transfusion, having wanted to give for many years prior and never getting to it, it made me realize that I had waited long enough. I happen to be type O- which is universal donor it saves a lot of trouble during an emergency when the blood type of the injured person is unknown. I was happy that someone had given the blood I received and I am most grateful to be able to do the same in return. There is a feeling you get when you give that you are taking part of a wonderful movement of life and wellness. My experiences have always been nothing less than extremely welcoming and special. I encourage anyone to do the same. One drop of blood at the time makes all the difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters who are in need. Life is about sharing the best of us. If the blood that flows through your veins can make a difference don’t hesitate share it, give blood.


Maple, Ontario

O-negative blood recipient and donor