Donating To Save Lives

I started donating blood, because my wife has a rare blood disease, called factor eleven. I have donated 134 whole blood donations, 1 plasma donation and 1 platelet donation. In the year 2009, I had a heart attack, and because of this, I was unable to donate any more blood. However, to stay connected to the blood donor program, I decided to volunteer at my local blood donor clinic. I have been volunteering for approximately seven years, and enjoying every minute. I recently had open heart surgery, to replace my aortic valve. During the surgery, I was given three units of blood, so I know firsthand the value of a blood donation. My favourite part of volunteering, is that I have the opportunity to speak to the donors, and build up a rapport with them, to make donating blood an enjoyable event.


Thornhill, Ontario

Icon of blood bag